Thursday, April 1, 2010

Self Defense against Knife

The 3 first Self defense videos by Shihan Mike Leverett and Travis Page from the YOSHUKAI Dojo in Auburn, AL.

Visit them on Youtube SHIHANGODAN5 Channel

Segment 2

Segment 3

As everyone is now able to post on the Net, videos of every kind flourish. In matters of Martial Arts, good things are available, unfortunately usually burried under layers and layers of very poor and dangerous stuff demonstrated by self appointed masters and commented by equally self-appointed "Experts".

The Waza (Techniques) here demonstrated by Shihan (*) Leverett and Page are efficient and legitimate. This does not mean they are safe. Safety comes with long practice and training, and even there, there is no such thing as total safety. 


Note : Shihan is a term often used in Japanese martial arts as an honorific title for expert or senior instructors. In Yoshukai Karate, it is attributed by the Grand Master of the organization Kaicho Yamamoto to instructors having at least achieved the level of Yondans (4th degree Black Belt) and taught at this level for several years.

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