Sunday, April 25, 2010

World Tai Chi Day in Dothan

Yinglong, one of the famous dragons of Chinese Mythology said to be the god of rain spared us this morning while we celebrated World Tai Chi Day at Solomon Park in Dothan.

A small group of us braved the threatening clouds and practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi on the lawn. Actually, the conditions were close to ideal with a temperature way below what we had experienced for this event on the previous years. We practiced together low intensity breathing exercises based on Sanchin kata as well as the 4 Winds Short Form.

An alternative way to practice Sanchin kata is by focusing one's attention on the 3 parts of the Torso : High (Chest), Medium (Stomach right under the solar plexus) and Lower (right above the groin).

Chi follows will, or attention. By focusing on these three parts one moves the Chi along the Conception Vessel - This is a first step on the path of Small Circulation Qi Gong. 

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