Monday, November 14, 2011

Travel to Europe

Shihan Travis Page and I will be traveling to France for 2 weeks to save the Euro Zone, as well as visiting with family and friends. We plan to train there with my Ju Jitsu instructor and friend Jean Luc Lemoine and Kendo Instructor and friend Francis Houlier of the Kendokan, and possibly meet some of my old Ju Jitsu students

While I am gone there won't be any Zen or Martial Arts activities at the Yoshukai Dojo (Beside Yoshukai Karate of course)
You are welcome to meet to train in Tai Chi Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Geri's will be your instructor at Westgate. 

I plan to fly back once the Euro Zone is saved, on November 29th, that is a Tuesday, and we will resume normal classes on December 1st with Tai Chi and IaiJutsu

May all of you have a happy Thanksgiving among your loved ones.

PS : do not forget our December celebrations :
  • December 10th : Zazenkai at the Jap House in Headland.
  • December 17th : Iaijutsu  Seminar at 11:00 as usual at the Yoshukai Dojo, followed by a joint Budo - Zen BYOB Christmas party at the Headland Jap House.