Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Basic Sword Handling

Well some people do the work right. 

Here is a nice video about holding, drawing and putting the sword back in it's sheath.

Simple, clear, right to the point. Note how relaxed the hands are.

We always spend a great amount of energy with very tight grips on our Tsuka. Which slows us down and decreases our accuracy. 
This is true of many aspects of our practice. We should strive to achieve maximum result with minimum expense of energy. As beginners we hold to our swords way too strongly and wield it like a battle axe. Our muscles and tendons are not able to operate at their maximum speed or direct the sword properly.

But is this not a lifelong trend ? We spend lots of energy with very tight grips on lots of things, when loosening up would make us so much more efficient...

The study of Martial Arts can help us visualize other aspects of life which are not so easily grasped when we are in the middle of them. Actually it should be one of the main reason to study them.