Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thoughts on VETERANS DAY

90 years ago was signed the armistice for World War I, during which about 40 millions people were killed. 25 years later, about 70 millions people were killed during World War II. .. The main protagonists were Germany, Japan, France, Great Britain, the USA, the Soviet Union, Poland, Japan, China, ...

Last week, Kaicho Yamamoto, 10th degree Black Belt and founder of Yoshukai Karate was in Dothan with his grand Daughter and 3 other Karate Students.

A group of German people was here too who had come to meet him and to join his organization to practice under his umbrella.

We practiced together on Wednesday Night at the Dojo. Sensei Culbreth lined up one student of each nationality : USA, Germany, Japan, and they performed the same kata simultaneously. There were slight diffferences, but basically, these were clearly the same katas.

So here we had, 63 years after the end of the war, American, German, Japanese and French people, enjoying practicing Karate together and each other's company.

Why did we fight in the first place ?

Martial Arts - or Budo - are about much more than fighting. Budō is a compound of the root bu:ぶ), meaning war or martial; and (:どう), meaning path or way. However, the term "bu" is more accurately rendered as "a means to stop the conflict". This leads to an alternative translation of "Budo" as "a way to solve conflict".

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