Friday, October 31, 2008

TAI CHI Articles

A few articles about TAI CHI written in 2003 for the Acupuncture and Healing Arts Center of Dothan.
These short articles explain in a simple way - if at all possible in less than 2 pages - some basic principles of Chinese Medicine applied to Tai Chi. Please keep in mind that my goal was to provide a concise explanation of complicated matters, which is not easily done without having to take shortcuts that may be questioned by more knowledgeable practitioners. I welcome your comments on these matters.

YIN / YANG and Tai Chi : a concise explanation of the principles governing YIN and YANG.

TAI CHI and Meridians : the basic principles of the circulation of Chi (Ki in Japanese) through Yin and Yang Meridians - without getting into the details of the individual meridians.

Tai Chi and Pain : how, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is generated in the body when Chi does not flow, and how Tai Chi can help reduce or prevent pain.

How it Works : how Tai Chi can help improve flexibility, Strength, Balance, Stamina, Metabolism and Serenity.

TAI CHI Practice : the basic 3 main principles to concentrate on when practicing Tai CHi : Truth of moves, Proper Breathing, Harmonious Flowing.

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