Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zen on a budget : the $13.08 Zabuton

Zen stuff is expensive. A basic Zabuton - without a removable envelope, is hard to find under $35.00, and then you need to have it shipped, that's 5 to 10 more bucks...

A few years ago I watched a movie about an Ango in Korea. The Nuns were sitting on folded blankets, and at night, they used these blankets for bedding. 

Harbor Freight (a.k.a. "The Chinese Embassy") has on sale right now some 60 x 80" wool blankets.

The price is $5.99.

I bought 2 of them - total $13.08 (yes, the taxes...), folded each one of them to 28 x 30",  and stacked them. 

This gives you a 2" thick mat that sits very nicely. 

If it's not thick enough for you, triple them, you will have a very comfortable cushion for less than $20.00. At this price you can't go wrong...

Blanket and regular Zabuton at the Headland Zendo

If you really want it to look traditional, you can have a cover made for them. Personally. I won't; I don't want to spend more money than I need. 

If the Koreans do it, I can do it, (did I say I liked Korea ?), and then when comes the time to clean up, No envelope to remove; just wash them in cold water and let them dry in the shade. 


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