Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Calligraphy by Yamaoka Tesshu

Last acquisition for the Dojo : A Calligraphy by Yamaoka Tesshu - Zen, Sword and Calligraphy master of 19th century Japan.

Yamaoka Tesshu was the founder of Muto Ryu style of Kenjutsu - also practiced by Omori Sogen Roshi (see my other post about this other remarkable Master).

Tesshu also negotiated with Saigo Takamori, leader of the Satsuma rebellion who inspired the famous movie "The Last Samurai".

Although this is just a piece of paper with ink on it, I am proud and happy to display in the dojo the work of a true Master. 

May this inspire us all on our ways. 

On a more practical account, if you know someone who could read this, I would highly appreciate their interpretation ! 

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Nice effort .continueSwords