Friday, August 5, 2011

Sekiguchi Komei Sensei shows us how to use one's tsuba (the guard of the sword) to stop a Kirioroshi (vertical cut), and 3 different follow-ups:

  • One strike with the Tsuka gashira (Tsuka ate).
  • One diagonal cut (Kesa giri)
  • One strike with the tip of the Saya (Kojiri ate).

This is a good illustration of the use of the Tsuka gashira and Tsuba as a shield.

Note how Sekiguchi Sensei keeps his hands protected :  
  • He always blocks with the LEFT side of his Tsuba (his Right hand is on the Right side of the tsuba...) and

  • His Left hand grabs the saya just above the Kojiri and never around the Koiguchi.

Have fun, Train Hard.

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