Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sources for Shindo Muso Ryu

There are little sources for Shindo Muso Ryu Jo Jutsu on the Net

According to Carl Long Hanshi there are 2 reference books, both of them are out of prin...

  • Jodo Kyohan by Kaminoda Tsunemori and Nakashima Asakichi (in Japanese)


Jodô la voie du bâton / the way of the stick by Pascal Krieger (in French and English).

The Way of the Stick can be downloaded as a Pdf file by clicking HERE

Here are 3 videos of the 3 first Kihon found on Youtube. 

These videos, as well as other of the next 9 Kihon are available on this channel. Please do not forget to like the videos, This gentleman took the time to record and upload them for the general good.

1st Technique : Honte Uchi (Regular Grip Strike)

2nd Technique : Gyakute Uchi (Reverse Grip Strike)


3rd Technique : Hiki Otoshi Uchi (Pull Down Strike)



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