Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Samadhi in Action

Samadhi can be achieved through various means : Meditation - Dhyana in Sanskrit, Chan in Chines, Zen in Japanese, Son in Korean - is one of them.

Samadhi can also be achieved through action. Asian disciplines such as Budo (all martial Arts); Shodo - the art of Calligraphy; Chado - the Art of Serving Tea... are ways to achieve Samadhi through action.

The term DO (at the end of Budo, Judo, Shodo, ... etc actually means "Way". Budo is the Way of Martial Arts, Shodo the way of the Brush, Kyudo the way of the bow... This means that these disciplines : Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Archery are used as a way to realize Samadhi.

These ways were not developed exclusively by Asian cultures.Individuals and groups in the Christian and Muslim words have practised various ways to reach Samadhi. And it is also very probable that other cultures also developed them. However Asian people and among them the Japanese more particularly, have developed them in a more particular and systematic way than other cultures have.

This video of Mioko Shida is a perfect example of a non traditional Samadhi at work...


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