Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Iai Jutsu Seminar

I had the honor and pleasure to teach a Iai Jutsu Seminar on May 4 and 5, 2012, for Yoshukai Karate Black Belts of the Oxford - Anniston area. Altogether about 20 people attended the event. 

I had planned 3 parts to this event : 

  • Basics of Iai Jutsu : How to draw the Sword - Nukitsuke, the classic vertical cut Kirioroshi and how to put the sword back into the sheath - Noto.
  • Yoshukai Iai. practice and Bunkai
  • Eishin Ryu Iai. practice of a few waza wastly different from Yoshukai Iai.

But the time went so quickly Friday evening that I was not able to present what I had originally planned. We just could go through 4 of the Yoahukai Ia waza, , and the Tsuredachi and Somakuri waza of the Okuden Tachiwaza set of the Eishin Ryu school.

During Saturday morning session we reviewed some of the moves practiced Friday, and practiced a few others. 

Overall, everybody was very pleased. I am very thankfull to all those who made this event possible for their help and hospitality. Being able to share what I have been taught by gifted instuctors is a rewarding and meaningful thing.

We will organize a longer lasting event after our Yoshukai Summer Camp to be held on June 15. 

Keep in touch !

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Doclink said...

I hope you do reschedule another event. I could not make it at the last minute and was looking forward to being there for Friday night. Looking forward to the next one! Osu!

Bob Barnes