Monday, April 30, 2012

Arnica Montana

Last night, one student rushing to sweep me with o soto gari (this is the sweep used in Yoshukai Karate Ippon Kumite # 4), swept me sideways instead of backwards.

Needless to say, my knee did not appreciate this sideways bending. It popped, generating a rather sharp pain, I rolled to the ground holding my knee and immediately thought: "Well, there won't be any Karate or Sword for a loooong time...".

We quickly applied a cold pad on the joint, I was able to walk, and went to my bag where I had a tube of Arnica Gel. I rubbed it on my knee. The rubbing happened at hte lastest 5 minutes after the accident. AFter I came home, I applied more Arnica to my knee.

In the morning, there was no swelling of the knee, but I could not fully extend it, neither could I bend it more than 45 degrees without discomfort. At least, I could walk ! I took an extra serving of Glucosamine and Hyaluronic acid potion.

In the evening, I was able to teach a Iaido class, I practiced all waza standing up, no seiza or tatehiza today ! I was extremely suprised that I did not feel more discomfort.

It is possible that the injury was not very serious. However, I clearly felt the knee popping out of alignment, and could feel several times some parts move inside it, which did not use to.

I really believe this amazing healing is due to the very early use of this Arnica gel.

A few years ago, someone broke a Bo (1 3/4" Diamter) on my right ankle. ( I forgot to jump...) I thought it was broken. I immediately rubbed it with Arnica gel, there was no bruise the next day.

WHen you use this medicine, the main thing is to apply it very quickly after the injury. The faster you use it, the more efficient it is.

I usually bring my gel from Europe. However, you can get it now in the US at reasonable prices (under $10.00). Considering how efficient this is, I suggest you keep a tube of it in your bag.

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