Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fudo Sutra

The Holy Fudo Sutra as written by Yamaoka Tesshu in "The Sword of No-Sword"

Once during an assembly of the Buddha's followers, Fudo appeared.
This Fudo was tremendously powerful :
Great compassion was evident in his pale dark complexion,
Great stability was obvious as he assumed the Diamond Seat,
And great wisdom was manifest in the flames surrounding him.
Brandishing a sword of insight he cut through the three poisons of greed, anger and delusion;
His samadhi-rope bound the enemies of Buddhism.
Formless like the empty space of the Dharma body,
Fudo settles nowhere but lives in the hearts of sentient beings.
Devoted servant of all, he encourages the well-being and ultimate salvation of sentient beings.
When the entire assembly heard this teaching they joyously believed and received it.

Fudo Myo - the epitome of fiery dynamism and invincible imperturbability, is a Patron saint of Swordsmen. He is also the protector of Buddhism, using his sword to cut the 3 poisons of greed, hate and delusion, and his rope to tie down the enemies of Buddhism.

Fudo-Shin (Japanese: 不動心 - literally and metaphorically, "immovable mind", "immovable heart" or "unmoving heart") is a state of mental equanimity or imperturbability. A spirit of unshakable calm and determination, courage without recklessness, rooted stability in both mental and physical realms. Like a willow tree, powerful roots deep in the ground and a soft, yielding resistance against the winds that blow through it.

In the Fudo Dachi Karate stance, sometimes translated as "Immovable stance", Immovable refers more to this Fudo Shin spirit. Fudo Dachi is a stance that allows for fast moves in every direction. What really is immovable is the resolve to prevail.

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