Monday, September 20, 2010

40 % of Chinese bodyguards are women.

An interesting article in the Washington Post about the private bodyguard industry in China.

As millions of Chinese have grown richer, so, too, has the resentment increased from those left behind, threatening the ruling Communist Party's stated goal of maintaining social stability. 

Chinese private bodyguards do everything from protecting wealthy celebrities and businessmen to assisting in security for such major events as the Shanghai World Expo.

Unlike American bodyguards, the Chinese are generally not tall and imposing; in fact, about 40 % are women, on the theory that females in the retinue attract less attention. 

The trend in China is for the bodyguards to be smaller in stature. "If they're too big, it would be too obvious. We can get lost in a crowd - you don't recognize us." 

Also unlike in the United States, they are never armed, since private citizens in China are largely prohibited from owning firearms. Rather, Chinese bodyguards are Martial Arts experts, trained to disarm or subdue an attacker with a few quick thrusts, jabs and hand chops...

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