Friday, January 15, 2010

More Happo Giri Videos

Here are 2 more videos about Happo Giri - the 8 directions cuts of Kenjutsu. Apparently there are other training exercises named Happo Giri by other martial arts schools. Actually, Aikido seems to have one that in fact uses the same Kirioroshi cut (Vertical to the head) in 8 directions around the swordsman.  This Happo Giri is the one Long Sensei taught us in Pensacola in 2008, it is also an excellent warming-up exercise.

This one is a front view of the kata performed by Cody - I thought he was too close to me when taping it, but it turned out pretty cool !

This one is of myself, it is far from perfect : I wish I would better aim my kissaki to the front at the end of the DO cuts; and my arms need to be more relaxed when I go back to Seigan.

The goal of these videos is not to demonstrate perfect moves, but to show potential students what they could practice in our dojo. If we'd wait until we are perfect to post something, we would never do it !

They are also a very good way to help us realize our imperfections, which should (hopefully) help us improve our practice...

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