Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pensacola Iai Class

Great class in Pensacola yesterday at the Big Green Drum Dojo

We went through :
Seiza Mae
Junto Sono Ni
Zentekigyakuto Sono Ni

Moniri and Tsubamegaeshi were (almost) new waza for us as we had only studied them once with Long Sensei earlier during one of his seminars.

Classes like these are very profitable as we can quietly get into details of waza we have practiced times and times, with possible mistakes (we had for example practiced the wrong Chiburi on Tsukikage for the last 3 months...).

It also answered some of the questions we had, for which I did not know the answers...

I will e-mail my notes to everyone in a separate e-mails

Thank you Patty Sensei for your help and patience.

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