Thursday, May 7, 2009

Does God hate Tai Chi ?

First it was Rock’n’roll music - the work of the Devil, not so long ago Condoms were spreading AIDS in Africa. Now Tai Chi practitioners are on the highway to hell.

In yet another demonstration of tolerance and acceptance, the Wynyard Baptist Church on the northwest coast of Tasmania (an island off the coast of Australia) has banned a group of senior citizens from practicing their gentle and devilish martial art.

Church leader the Reverend Morse says a council of leading parishioners decided the gentle martial art’s philosophies were incompatible with the Bible’s teachings.

"Half of Tai Chi is Taoism and Zen Buddhism, which is in total contrast to what we as a Christian church believe in." Rev Morse said.

He goes on to say "It's about a type of meditation, and what they call search for enlightenment, where you go into things like yoga do or, like in the martial arts, meditations where you just emptied your mind and let it go wherever it wanted to.

Well that stands in opposition to Christianity, which says we are to be in control of our faculties."

“Yoga do?” Could this be a new synthesis of Yoga and Karate do ? I wonder if the Reverend has any idea what Yoga, Tai Chi or martial Arts are about ?

I had heard these guys down under are a little weird. Surely they could benefit from a little enlightenment. Thank God, such silly things would not happen around here !

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Joanna said...

I'm a fully authorised and lineage initiated Tai Chi teacher, formerly on the Executive Committee of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. Sad to say, when you start getting higher up through the ranks you will find a lot of genuinely occult connections amongst some Tai Chi lineages ranging from silly superstition to ancestor worship to imagined life-force vampirism.

So it isn't true to say that the Christians who oppose Tai Chi are ignorant - in fact many of their suspicions are more correct than most people realise. They are certainly a lot closer to the truth than many Tai Chi punters and lower ranking teachers realise. There genuinely is a conscious attempt to paganise the adult education circuit going on in many Tai Chi circles.