Saturday, April 25, 2009

French Judo

French Judoka Lucie Decosse placed first at the European Judo Tournament in the than 70 kg category (150 lb) beating Kerstin Thiele from Germany by Ippon this Saturday April 25 in Tbilisi, Georgia (Not the US Georgia, the EU one). This is the 4th time she wins the European title. She got Silver in Beijing spearing in the less than 63 kg category (less than 130 lb). Since then she has moved to the heavier category and won the 4 tournaments she entered.

So far the French won 4 medals. 2 golds and 2 bronzes

French judoka are very competitive at international level.
I suppose it is due to the fact that the French Judo federation is powerful and well organized.

Also, Promotion rules are simple.
To test for Shodan you have to perform one kata with a partner, and beat 10 black belts in official tournaments. It can be done in a few weeks, or in a few years.
For Niddan, you have to beat 10 second degree black belts.

And you cannot test untill you are 16.

There is of course a way to test without competing, but it is much more complicated, and I do not really know how it is done, the thing is, most people chose the sparring option. No wonder they have good competitors.

Now, I am not sure the founder Jigoro Kano Sensei would agree with such a promotion system, for although it creates great fighters, they may not have all the qualities one might expect from a Martial Artist (Respect and Manners…). However, once again, it creates great fighters who are a model for younger practitioners.

If people had to be 16 before they can test for Black Belt, and had to win 10 fights against certified black belts, I believe it would tremendously raise the level of that art.

Just a thought…

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Yoshukai said...

I like this way of thinking very much. It ensures the fighting ability/spirit of the style.