Monday, April 20, 2009

Elliston Sensei Visit to Troy

Elliston Sensei will be tomorrow in Troy, Alabama to give a Presentation about Zen.
Time : 7:30 p.m.
Location : Student Center Theater on the Troy University Campus.

Michael Elliston Sensei is the Abbot of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center and my Zen Instructor.
I have been blessed to train in various disipline under great Masters. Elliston Sensei is one of them. Others are Rolland Hernaez Sensei in Nihon Ju Jitsu and Tai Jitsu, Mike Culbreth and Hiroaki Toyama Sensei in Yoshukai Karate and Masayaki Shimabukuro Sensei in Iai Jutsu.

Whatever I try to convey to you - and you hopefully appreciate, I hold it and owe it from one of these men, who owe it from their own masters... One day I'll have to tell more about them !

I will attend this function as I should do as his student and disciple

For those of you who live ion the Wiregrass, please try to come to Troy, the opportunity to meet someone who has been practicing Zen for longer than I have done Martial Arts does not occur very often - or as we say in my native Vimeu, "it is not found under a lame horse's hoof"

Once again, I am only able to do what I do because of men like him teach me. It would be nice and profitable to everyone if some of you could also attend and show your interest and appreciation.

Here is the map of the Campus

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