Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 9 Confucian Ways of Thinking

Even if they don't always know how it happened, most Westerners have heard about the influence of Zen and Taoism on traditional Asian Fighting Arts. 

What is less well know though, is the immense influence that Confucius had on them. 

Let me give you just one example :

Confucius elaborated on the concept of "thinking" by saying that if you wish to become a cultivated person you should possess nine ways of thinking, these being:

  1. when looking at something, think about seeing it clearly;
  2. when listening to something, think about hearing it clearly;
  3. when showing facial expressions, think about keeping a warm attitude;
  4. when behaving, think about keeping a manner of respect;
  5. when speaking, think about speaking honestly and plausibly;
  6. when conducting some business, think about doing it carefully;
  7. when you are puzzled or have a problem to solve, think about seeking advice from others;
  8. when becoming angry, think about calming yourself; and
  9. when seeing there is a profit to be made, think about whether it is proper to pursue that profit.

If you now consider the 5 precepts of Yoshukai Karate : 

Respect and Manners
Be prudent in Speech, 
Be prudent in action
Keep High spirit
Keep yourself clean

It becomes quite clear how much our arts were influenced by Master Kong...

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