Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The amazing Race to Enlightenment !

This week, on the amazing "Race to Enlightenment", can Jim and Suzy achieve right mindfulness ? And will Joe and Candy be eliminated for relentless clinging to the self ?

This is funny - and then, when I see on the net that some (self-appointed ?) Roshi guarantee enlightenment to their disciples, it reminds me of the scam of the "Black Belt Clubs" of certain martial classes, where you pay a hefty fee when you join (10 years ago about $2,000.00) to be a proud member of the exclusive club. 

This gives you the right to wear a special cool patch on your Uniform,

and to see your future Black belt, with your name embroidered on it proudly displayed on the dojo wall, waiting for you to test for it...

Like Great Master (Chief Inspector) Clouseau would have put it :

The old Black Belt Club ploy...

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