Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hundred-Character Tablet of Ancestor Lu

Nurturing energy, forget words and guard it.
Conquer the mind through non-doing.
In activity and quietude, know the origin of the source.
There is no thing; what else do you seek?
Real constancy should respond to people;
in responding to people, it is essential not to get confused.
When you don't get confused, your nature is naturally stable; 
When your nature is stable, energy naturally returns.
When energy returns, elixir spontaneously crystallizes,
in the pot pairing water and fire.
Yin and yang arise, alternating over and over again,
everywhere producing the sound of thunder.
White clouds assemble on the summit,
sweet dew bathes the polar mountain.
Having drunk the wine of longevity,
you wander free; who can know you?
You sit and listen to the stringless tune,
you clearly understand the mechanism of creation. 

L  ü Yen (Lü Yan), also known as Lü Dong bin, is also called Lü Tsu, or "Ancestor Lü,” in recognition of his importance in Taoist history as the founder of the Taoist school of Complete Reality. He is believed to have lived by the end of the T'ang dynasty (618—905 C.E.). 

A huge body of literature is attributed to his spiritual inspiration. His own work, along with later writings ascribed to him, is particularly interesting for its integration of the 3 major Chinese disciplines of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. 


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