Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Please allow me to introduce our newest partner - Vlad

Vlad is made of treated lumber. 

To make your own Vlad, you'll need one post 3 to 4" in diameter, two 2 x 4 x 8" treated, some nails and screws.

What is Vlad good for ? he can be beaten up, he won't complain, and he won't hit you back...

Seriously - it is all very nice to cut in the air, but it is a little like doing kata by yourself, it is very useful, but when it comes to accuracy, timing and distance, it is not enough... If you want a better taste, and a better test of your technique, you need to meet a real target.

Kendo allows you this opportunity, however, as you are, for various reasons, very limited in the number of cuts you are allowed to perform in Kendo.

And then, Vlad never complains... One way to improve your technique is to practice until you are utterly exhausted, go past it, and then, something may happen. It is said that some Kenjutsu ryu practiced up to 10,000 strikes daily. Do you know of any Kendo partner who would stay in front of you to let you hit him 10,000 times ? This is why we needed Vlad...

Karateka and boxers have punching bags, Kung Fu people wooden dummies. I wanted something to practice our cuts, adjust our angles and distance, something that would also offer some resistance to our moves. This is how Vlad was born.

PS : I am not yet at 10,000 cuts a day, just 300 for the time being, it takes less than 10 minutes, and is excellent exercise, it is not about beating the hell out of Vlad, but about aiming at different levels,  adjusting your stances, practicing your "power cut" by twisting your back foot (pivot on the ball of the foot...)

300 + cuts get you a little tired, and it then becomes easier to adjust your moves, your muscles are not too much in the way...

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