Friday, July 8, 2011

Tonfa Kata

A great demonstration of Tonfa Kata, with Bunkai (Bunkai are actual applications of a kata's moves. There may be several possible bunkai for the same move.

I particularly enjoyed the attack to the wrist (Kote) of the attacker. We often tend to attack body or head, and these are all very legitimate targets, but they are not always easy to reach from a safe position. Here, the teacher attacks the wrist from a very safe position, he controls the distance (Maai). 

A broken or badly bruised wrist will seriously decrease the chances your opponent has to hurt you, and in attacking it, you also exhibit restraint in your defense. 

We should become very proficient at our arts, so that we can defend ourselves without inflicting too much damage to our opponent. If your goal is to crush him no matter how serious was the attack, you don't need to learn Martial Arts, buy a gun, and learn how to use it. 

There is more to Martial Arts than destroying an opponent.

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