Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Positive effects of Tai Chi for Obese and Diabetic persons.

Moderate aerobic exercises have positive effects on the heart, lungs and blood of patients with diabetes. Most Chinese martial arts including Tai Chi have been acknowledged in the management of blood glucose levels.

A study was conducted in Taiwan to analyze the effects of Tai Chi on patients obese with type 2 diabetes. 155 patients were selected . One group of 62 was instructed in Tai Chi while the other was instructed to perform conventional exercises. The patients exercised three times a week for three months. 

At the end of the study, it was observed that : 
  • The body mass index reduced from 33.5 to 31.3 and the blood cholesterol from 194 to 189 mg/dL. A few other relevant parameters showed significant changes post-Tai Chi exercise.
  • The blood triglycerides had dropped by 28.3 in the Tai Chi exercise group but there was a mere 17.4 mg/dL drop in those involved with the conventional exercise.
  • The high-density lipids were also reduced in the Tai Chi exercise group.

Tai chi exercises were proved to be beneficial on patients with diabetes and obesity, and were safe when supervised by professional trainers. Intricate monitoring of blood sugar, lipid profiles, blood pressure and general fitness showed that the Tai Chi exercises could in fact lower these parameters after three months. Patients with diabetes and obesity usually have high blood levels of oxidative stress proteins and oxidative stress could initiate vascular complications. These were also reduced after the Tai Chi exercise regime. 

Thus, “Tai Chi can be an alternative exercise intervention for increasing glucose control, diabetic self-care activities, and quality of life.” 

Simple Tai Chi exercises could be enforced as regular daily exercises for patients with diabetes and obesity.

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