Monday, April 25, 2011

Respect and Manner

A nice little spot about Bowing, Respect, in the context of Kendo

When I was a kid in a French primary school, there was quite a bit of fighting, all the time, nothing vicious. There were few rules, of course unwritten. You did not beat the hell out of  someone smaller than you. Once you had won and your opponent submitted, that was the end of it... Fighting under these circumstances usually generated respect.

Actually, I made a few friends fighting them.

The Zero Tolerance about fighting in our schools is hypocritical, shameful, and dangerous. 

Kids who are bullied can't vent their anger, one day they grab a gun and bring it to school... Or if they cannot find a gun, they might commit suicide... If they had had the opportunity to beat the crap out of the bullies, maybe lots of terrible tragedies would not have happened.

It is easy, and it is wrong, to systematically ground both students who get in a fight. The right thing to do would be to figure out why the fight happened, and decide in all fairness what to do. Otherwise, how do you want the kids to understand what justice is about ?
Reigi o Omonzubeshi

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Bob said...

Great point regarding the 'zero tolerance'. It should be taken on a case by case basis. I have already told my 9yr old son if he gets in a fight a school and gets in trouble, as long as he was defending himself he will not be reprimanded at home. If he is the antagonizer, he knows he will get it much worse at home than at school (although my wife disagrees with me on this)