Monday, November 8, 2010


Last month of May, I had to vent some frustration in a post about the low attendance to a Yoshukai Seminar held here in Dothan. 

Today, I'd like to express my happiness at a good example of Dedication and Commitment.

Last Saturday, we were testing in Iaido. at the Yoshukai Dojo in Dothan. Ron, Fred and myself were testing for Shodan -Ho, an intermediate rank between 1st Kyu and Shodan, and Chris was testing for his 7th Kyu. This was Chris' first test in Iaido.

Chris - who also ranks 4th Dan in Yoshukai Karate - works at the Fairley Nuclear Plant, the plant is presently stopped for refueling and maintenance, and people there are working shifts to reduce the down time to a minimum. This means 12 hours shift for the workers. These are hard working days, I know it, I did it for several years in a previous life as a young engineer.

So basically, after his 12 hours shift, Chris got off work, drove 20 miles to Dothan where he met Fred for breakfast and then trained with him. Then he came to the dojo and tested. Finally, he was able to go home and sleep after a 22 hours day. 

Now, this is commitment. 

Chris could have decided he had already had a long day, was tired and the hell with the test, I'm going to bed. 

If all of us would put in everything we do the effort Chris put into his practice, training and testing, no doubt things would probably be easier on everybody in this world.

By the way, all of us passed the test - thank you to Patty Sensei who drove from Pensacola to test us - an other beautiful example of commitment and dedication. 

Yours in Budo.

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