Saturday, December 26, 2009


"KOUN" is Okinawan for the Japanese "BO" - Long Staff
In these videos a Sensei of the International Okinawa Kobudo Association demonstrates the Kata
Choun No Koun

There obviously are common moves between this version and our Yoshukai version.

The next video is the Bunkai - explanation of the various moves of the Kata.

It is interesting here also to compare the moves between the 2 versions.
In the Yoshukai version, we perform huge circular moves twice during the kata, which are done to sweep the legs of the opponent. Here they are used to push the opponent's bo away.

You will also find in this video some of the origin of our Bo tai Bo kata.
Which makes me wonder, considering that in this version of Choun no Koun there is a jump as we have in our Bo tai Bo # 3, could it be that we lost the jump in Choun no Koun ?

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