Monday, October 26, 2009

MJER Seminar in Pensacola

This week end seminar in Pensacola was a great success, Ron and I arrived Friday and we spent the evening practicing Shoden Waza. Fred and Cody joined us Saturday, we spent the whole day cutting mats under supervision of Carl Long Sensei.

We learned a lot !

Sunday morning Sensei taught us some execises to practice Ono Ha Itto Ryu stances, and we went through all technics of Okuden Tachi waza and Okuden Suwari waza...Way above my head, nevertheless very interesting as some of the suwari waza explain other waza of the shoden and batto ho.

It will also be a good source of inspiration to practice our basics (thinking of Sets of various Nukitsuke after the Moniri pattern, forward, backward...)

Cody and I demonstrated our Kendo Kata in front of the whole group of participants who enjoyed it. A good warming up before next week end Yoshukai tournament in Dothan.

Went home Sunday afternoon, tired with lots of knowledge we now need to put into application...
I will soon publish my notes on this matter, mostly about Tameshigiri.

Thank you to Long Sensei for his precious instruction and to Patty Sensei and all the other members of the Big Green Drum Martial Arts Center who helped make this event a very fruitful and friendly one.

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