Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meditation around the Labyrinth

10 people met at the Nativity Church this morning to practice sitting and walking Meditation.

I gave a short presentation and asked everyone what experience they had. As it usually turns out, most of us had previous experience in some sort of meditation, either part of a group or system, or had tried to practiced by themselves.

Solo practice is difficult, even if you found the right set of instructions and are very dedicated, one day, you will end up wondering :

What the hell am I doing here ? Am I doing this right ? Why am I doing that ?

Just as it is easier to learn Tai Chi when practicing with a group, it is easier to meditate in company.

Today we sat twice 10 minutes, walked the Labyrinth, then sat 10 more minutes. We had a 4 wooden benches, chairs, and 2 Zafus. Some of us tried the 3 devices. Benches seem to be the preferred one.

Somewhere in this Blog, I posted the blueprints of a very easy to build bench.

Keep practicing. Like everything else, regularity is the most important quality if you want to improve. Better sit 5 minutes daily than a full hour once a week !

Come sit with us on Monday nights !

Good luck !

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